Domicile condos coming to Beechwood Village

Late last year Domicile purchased the lot at 222 Beechwood Ave between Jolliet and Marquette (Kavanaugh's Esso Service Centre), putting forth a proposal for a 6-storey mixed use condo project similar to The Picadilly at 1422 Wellington Ave West:

I've had my eye on Beechwood Village for sometime as the next "it" neighbourhood, and some newer condo options could be just the boost needed to make this area more attractive to businesses and visitors alike. This enclave has always been a hidden gem; a mid-sized Domicile condo project on the main drag near such a great variety of shops would be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Domicile's last projects in the area were Governor's Gate on Durham Private and the redevelopment of Schoolhouse Square on Springfield, both of which were small scale projects with upscale price tags. At this time the neighbourhood could use an injection of more affordable condos, and these units on Beechwood along with Claridge's Lalique towers will be a welcome addition for those who want to be just east of downtown and the Market.