Update: Lebreton Flats Phase I and II

I still can't make up my mind about this tower... while it hurt my eyes at first, it seems to be looking better as the landscaping progresses and Phase II goes up:

One thing I am certain about is the location: this is truly an urban oasis just a ten minute walk from Parliament Hill (West Block that is), and a haven for walkers, runners, cyclists and, in particular, kayakers... a chance to be "downtown" but with some breathing room for those who could do without the hectic pace (ok, ok, if Ottawa's downtown can really be called hectic...)

I had a chance to visit a 1-bedroom plus den last week and was suitably impressed by the size and layout, not to mention the lush, green floor-to-ceiling view of the escarpment below Bronson Avenue. Despite all the controversy about the ugly brick and questionable aesthetics, I still think Lebreton Flats condos is a project to watch.
(Photo credit: Harls)