287 Lisgar St brings Claridge to the OMB

Speaking of the OMB, I note that Claridge is set for a pre-hearing regarding their application to the City for the development of the site at 287 Lisgar St between Bank and O'Connor across from the Dominion Chalmers Church:

Some of you may remember reading about this latest fracas between the City and Claridge over their proposal of an 18-storey, 121 unit building, a full 6 storeys higher than current zoning permits.

This would be the same zoning that city staffers admitted in their report was a confused mess: "The conflicting and inconsistent planning policy and regulatory environment in this part of Centretown makes it difficult to come to a definitive conclusion on the appropriateness of this proposal. There is no clear framework."

Also included in the city's report are comments put forth by the public, in itself always an interesting read:
  • "Buildings of the height proposed tend to make the area less liveable."
  • "If approved, the proposed building would adversely affect my view."
  • "The proposed development will cause an increase in the amount of traffic on our street."
  • "The extra people who will live in the area will support the local businesses."
  • "This proposal will give the opportunity for people to live downtown and not need the use of an automobile to get around."
  • "This is an excellent opportunity to achieve the City's intensification goals in the downtown."