Domicile to return to Wellington Village

Domicile fans will be pleased to learn that the City has approved an 8-storey condo application at the corner of Holland and Wellington, formerly the Ovation site by Tartan Urban who built 92 Holland just up the block. It would seem that Tartan has given up on "urban" altogether, selling the site to Domicile who have expanded southwards by purchasing the adjoining property.

The technical specs call for 67 condos, 66 underground parking spots with an additional 4 for visitors and 2 for Vrtucar in a ground floor garage; bicycles will be accommodated with 34 spaces both on-site and within the garage. Similar to The Piccadilly on Wellington St at Island Park, the first floor will include commercial space. Locals may or may not be pleased to know that Collected Works is one of the retail tenants slated to move in. (This is one of my favourite haunts—I must admit that I'm still somewhat wary of their impending move.)

Unlike the now defunct Ovation project, and The Currents just next door, there has been no word so far about the greenness of Domicile's latest outing in Wellington Village, but perhaps this is just as well after the recent EcoCité flop. That said, a quick scan of the City's report states that "the tree in front of 137 Holland Ave will be preserved", so hope springs eternal.

(PS: It would seem that saving a tree is perhaps not enough as the City's approval of this project has been appealed to the OMB.)