SOHO Lisgar coming to the Golden Triangle?

Those of you who browse the Ottawa Citizen's Homes section may have noticed recent ads for the SOHO Parkway condos on Parkdale Avenue. Those of you with truly sharp eyes may have further noticed the small print hinting at a future project named SOHO Lisgar.

Specifically where on Lisgar is open to debate what with so many empty lots prime for development. My guess is the site currently known as 108-110 Lisgar St, parking lots sold in January 2007 with the stated purpose of developing "a mid to high-rise condominium apartment building":

I personally can't think of better news for Ottawa urbanites. The hottest proposed condo location since the East Market Lofts, SOHO Lisgar will bring badly needed units to the Golden Triangle, one of Ottawa's most coveted neighbourhoods, and in a prime location kitty corner to Elgin St and downtown proper. Resale prices for 2-year young units at 138 Somerset St W have increased by 25% in less than a year; if this is any indication of the thirst for newer condos in this 'hood, I would expect to see SOHO Lisgar sell out even faster than SOHO Parkway.

The timeline for an official announcement is anyone's guess, but with the domain www.soholisgar.com registered just weeks ago, I would expect to hear more news about this impending development before the year's end.