Yet Another Westboro Condo Proposal

Building condos in Westboro must be a license to print money these days: witness 101 West and 111 West, The Wellington at Island Park, Domicile's cash cow at 131-137 Holland, Ashcroft's former Convent on Richmond Rd and now, the vacant lot at 1946 Scott St, originally sold by the City to the nearby Buddhist Society in 1999 with the intention that it be landscaped and used as parking for their disciples... enlightening, no?

Fast forward to 2010 and a Committee of Adjustment hearing at City Hall where the lot's new owner/developer recently unveiled plans for a 6-storey condo and invited neighbourly comments.

By all reports an earful was heard from adjacent West Village Private residents (who even went so far as to retain the services of a professional planner), most unhappy at the idea of 6 storeys of condo dwellers peering into their backyards:

But such are the realities of urban intensification. The developer is actually abiding by guidelines set by City planners who hope to turn this part of Scott St into a "traditional mainstreet", an alternative to Wellington St West where we can sip our lattes and watch the strollers go by.

In keeping with the theme, this condo calls for a commercial storefront on the first floor (hopefully not a Mac's Milk, say the neighbours) and will be built right up to the sidewalk.

Predictably, the end result was a common refrain here in Ottawa: City planners and current zoning by-laws are so much at odds that "clarification" is needed, and all plans have been put on hold. OMB anyone?