The Mondrian Now Complete: Pool Party Anyone?

Kudos and backslapping all around last week as construction of The Mondrian was officially completed, and christened with a pool that finally opened for business:

Residents celebrated, most fittingly, with a pool party last Thursday night.

Despite the initial grumbling and legal threats being uttered as residents settled in (ah, the joys of new construction!), now that the dust has settled, my own impressions of this project are mostly positive. While the building features some of the smallest condos in Ottawa, the efficient use of space in most of these floorplans (emphasis on the word "most") makes them very liveable for the working city dweller.

That said, I can appreciate that this is not a building for everyone: the gritty, industrial design and small spaces are definitely geared towards a younger demographic of wannabe urbanites. But for those who enjoy living on the edge —real or imagined— The Mondrian's stellar location combined with spacious bathrooms, solid cabinetry, and (again, mostly) well considered floorplans have proven to be a hit, particularly on the resale market where units have been selling quickly, and for a tidy profit.

Lastly, a shout out to The Mondrian's daytime concierge who is as cheerful and helpful as a concierge could be, and provides a cordial greeting to residents and visitors alike.