Tribeca Condos to Feature Sobeys Grocery Store

Good news for downtown residents as Sobeys confirms that they will be leasing the ground level retail space from Claridge Homes in the Tribeca project currently being built at the corner of Metcalfe and Nepean St.

If all goes according to plan, Sobeys could be ready for business as soon as the beginning of 2013:

Centretown News Online

The Sobeys' Urban Fresh concept was introduced in 2003, and outlets are opened in high traffic neighbourhoods with lots of condos. The target market is the urban professional living in small spaces, the idea being that condo living equals little storage hence daily shopping is a plus if possible. So far there are 11 such stores in Toronto (the CityPlace location is pictured above), but urban space of the size required is at a premium so expansion has been catch as catch can.

Despite the initial handwringing and concern that the Tribeca location is too "residential" for a retail operation of this size, one can't deny that Tribeca and Sobeys are a match made in (foodie) heaven. If the selection at the Sobeys Urban Fresh banner in downtown Toronto is anything to go by, Tribeca residents and neighbours will likely have their pick of ready made sushi, curry to go, wine, fresh seafood, fresh ground spices, dozens of different types of dried mushrooms and a hundred plus varieties of cheese, to name but a few offerings.

There is no denying that groceries are a major component of residential life which makes Tribeca an excellent fit. This
Sobeys will also provide much needed competition to Hartman's on Bank St, not to mention giving residents genuine incentive to embrace a car free lifestyle.