Mid-week Mixed Bag

Some of the Google searches that have brought visitors to this blog since Labour Day:

"cathedral hill"

Mark your calendar, Windmill Developments' second Ottawa condo launches this evening at the Christ Church Cathedral Hall at 5pm. More details here.

"is soho better or tribeca?"

SOHO is, as of yet, an unproven quantity in the Ottawa condo market and near, but not quite in, Hintonburg/Wellington Village/The Arts District/whatever. That said the optics so far look good, very good in fact, perhaps not so much in terms of location, but very much so with regards to the quality of the construction and interior finishes.

By contrast, Tribeca is Claridge's latest magnum opus located in the heart of downtown. As Ottawa's most prolific condo developer, Claridge is either a sure bet or the devil you know, depending on who you talk to, and about which project.

"ecocite ottawa financial"

It hurts to even guess at this project's financial state of affairs. And with the dog's breakfast that has become Bank Street, I'd hazard to guess that things will be getting worse before they get better. My two cents, and your mileage may vary.