SoHo shower design leaves owners all wet

My exact thoughts upon visiting units in the newly built SoHo Parkway, as paraphrased by a new owner:

"My only complaint is the shower. SoHo installed a single glass pane which covers 60% of the shower wall opening. It is designed after a bad European style and is not meant to have a shower curtain. Although it looked good when buying the condo, it is not functional.

When taking a shower, water spills onto the bathroom floor and onto the wood floor even when the door is closed. It also gets cold as the opening allows hot air to escape and cold air to enter. I have alleviated the problem by installing a temporary shower curtain but plan to entirely replace the glass pane with a glass sliding door.

When I visited the new SoHo Champagne showroom, I was disappointed to see that they are still using a single pane for the shower for their 4th building in Ottawa. In my humble opinion, this design is a failure and expensive to replace."
—Soho Parkway owner