Condo of the Week: 100 Bruyère St in The Market

I am sometimes asked what condo options are available for those who don't like high-rise buildings. Ottawa is fortunate to have a number of smaller, intimate condo projects peppered around the city, but for a buyer these are catch as catch can as they don't come up for sale all that often.

A number of such condos are tucked away in the Golden Triangle, but there are also quite a few of these boutique units in the northern part of The Market such as the one currently for sale at 100 Bruyère St:

Built in 1986, this award-winning building is a red brick low-rise just off Sussex Drive, with a common courtyard at the back, underground parking and 17 cozy units with large principal rooms, woodburning fireplaces and large balconies.

There are certainly pros and cons of small scale developments, such as the cost of potential maintenance work being spread over relatively few owners. That said, there are clearly those who appreciate the tranquility of being part of a smaller condo project as these units tend to sell fairly quickly.