Food for thought...

"The Mondrian certainly has a unique position with regards to location and style. It's probably one of the closest condos to Parliament Hill and seems like good value.

One thing that would make me think twice is the fact that the units are all small (most are under 800sqft), catering to younger and single buyers. Over the long term, this usually means a faster turnover of owners, or a risk of many units becoming rentals. It's pretty easy to outgrow a 500sqft space. It is harder to run a condo when there are lots of renters because the absentee owners will care less about improvements.

Personally, I think it is a wiser investment to buy a small unit in a development that has a wider offering from 700-1500sqft and a more mature appeal. Owners are more likely buying for themselves for the long haul and will care more about the building, which means a more stable and proactive condo association."