Condo of the Week: Hudson Park I by Charlesfort

Phase I of Charlesfort's art deco masterpiece, Hudson Park, is now completed and it is very much a byword for opulence as evidenced by the entrance lobby pictured at left.

This project caused much ado for the residents of Domicile's Everett condos immediately next door (more on this later), but to give credit where credit is due, the end result is quite stunning: 17 floors housing a total of 123 condos, with 9' ceilings, a rooftop lounge and BBQ terrace, reading lounge with fireplace, and a fully appointed exercise room.

While there has been some noise about size and pared down quality—2cm granite countertops, apartment sized appliances, no iron globe in the garden!—the building itself is arguably the most glamorous high-rise in town with some rather Manhattan-esque views of the Ottawa cityscape:

I have already started to receive inquiries about units for resale, but buyers should note that owners are unable to sell until one year from closing, or until all the other units are sold. That said, some of the larger (1205sqft+), pricier ($550,000+) units still remain, and I would be happy to represent anyone looking to buy new in either Phase I:

or Phase II, which is currently under construction with an anticipated completion date of fall 2009:

(Photo credit: Rakerman)