Food for Thought: Claridge Plaza Phase I

"I have been renting in Phase I of Claridge Plaza for almost a year. I recently bought a townhouse in centretown and will be moving shortly. A few observations on Claridge Plaza..."

  • Location is great—three minutes walking to the Market or Rideau Centre and even closer to the beer, liquor, grocery and drug stores
  • Views are good on most sides even from units that aren't that high
  • The daytime security guy is excellent
  • The lobby has a hotel-like look

(Note I am a tenant, and the owner and property manager have not pressured Claridge to fix the problems—it may well be they would fix these problems if pressed by the owner.)
  • The hardwood floor creaks like an old house
  • The base appliances in the kitchen are terrible (major freezer burn within a few days no matter what the temperature setting, stove is not a self-clean model, dishwasher does not clean anything below the heaviest setting)
  • The pool is tiny, even by condo standards
  • The "gym" is small, has limited equipment, no proper climate control (never the right temperature) and has a very low ceiling (anyone over about 5'10" would probably hit their head using the treadmill)
  • The elevators have been problematic from day one
"Demographics—I previously lived in the East Market which was mostly young professionals with a few empty-nesters and most units were owner-occupied. There appear to be few white collar workers in the building and a lot of students or people that seem to work in the service industry. I realize I am stereotyping a little, but I am guessing there are a lot of units being rented out (or owned by parents) which is not good for the long term viability of the building."

"Trucks—this isn't Claridge’s fault, but all four streets surrounding the complex are used by trucks, nearly 24/7. In addition, Rideau is a major bus route and Cumberland is the main route into the market for the Laurier fire station. I find it almost impossible to leave a window open or use my balcony."

—Claridge Plaza Tenant