Food for Thought: Westboro Village

"With the start of "condo-mania" that is currently ongoing in Westboro there is less and less of the original charm left. Soon it will look like a tunnel of condos with all sorts of high end boutiquey places trying to sell $400 sweaters.

When I lucked into the neighbourhood about 10 years ago I fell in love with the "small town within a city" feel. It reminded me of Queens in New York City when I used to work there.

Unfortunately the trendyness has not only driven out the feel, but upped the property taxes and many of the new trend-oids who are now moving in are "living" in the neighbourhood but not "becoming part" of the neighbourhood. It's like they believe that the neighboourhood just happens without effort. A good neighbourhood is a collection of friends that happen to live in the same general area."