"The Artisan" vs Mona Lisa

Much ado in the Hintonburg QUAD! over the new sales centre touting 'The Artisan' condos. The Ottawa Business Journal reported on the hoopla last month [click for article], but in short, it would seem that the developers behind this project—proposed for the corner of Hamilton and Armstrong—are cashing deposit cheques without having secured any permits from the city. In fact, the project as it is being sold does not even conform to the site's current zoning (light industrial), never mind the height restrictions.

What's perhaps most telling is that even Mona Lisa is concerned, as pictured above. My top 5 reasons why Mona Lisa has stopped smiling:
  • Mona doesn't think much of displacing galleries with condos, even those that refer to art
  • Mona worries for those buying on the 9th floor when the property is currently zoned for a maximum of 5 storeys
  • Mona wonders how construction will impact the environmental clean up taking place on Spencer St
  • Mona is sad at the impending gentrification of the Carleton Tavern... is the Elmdale next?
  • Mona can't make sense of the steaming mug that has been photoshop'ed into her portrait