Go West (or East or South) First Time Buyer...

With the avalanche of development coming to downtown Ottawa over the next 3 years comes increased prices and smaller spaces. While many are choosing location over space, savvy buyers who are flexible about where they live have been seeking out alternative urban pockets with a view to anchoring themselves as close as possible to the urban core.

For those looking beyond downtown proper the following projects might be worth a second look:

Crystal Beach Lofts will be located across from the Nepean Sailing Club, minutes from 3 excellent Indian restaurants, and easy access to the Queensway and the Western Parkway.

129 Main Street is a 6-storey condo proposed for a neighbourhood that is showing increased potential, as well as one that provides convenient access to U of O, the Canal and The Green Door, Ottawa's premiere vegetarian restaurant.

The Montage condos are being developed on a lot behind Billings Bridge and will be of interest to those who'd like to be close to Old Ottawa South and The Glebe, as well as buyers looking for easy access to transit, shopping and services along Bank St South.