Much ado about nothing at all...

Reviewing the invitation for next week's realtor preview of hom... well, the foodie in me can't help but take note of the catering at these affairs: back in 2006 Domicile invited realtors on a construction tour of The Exchange in Westboro followed by lunch courtesy of DISH... and I still remember the mango chicken wraps, they were that good.

Fast forward to 2010 and we were invited to enjoy fine fayre from Glenn's Chip Truck while it was parked
next to the trailer for One Three One Holland. This project's redesign and relaunch in November came with a supermarket platter of sandwiches and sushi capped off by a bowl of jujubes (a guilty pleasure I have to admit). Yes, I thought to myself, the times they are a changin'.

And now we look forward to hom, with the tagline "Nice Place, Nice Price" and lunch from their new neighbour, DiRienzo Foods, who also happen to offer one of the best lunch deals in town, never mind Little Italy:

So as the title says, a post about not much at all...