Welcome "hom" to Little Italy

Is it just me that gets a decidedly Ikea-esque vibe from Domicile's latest project?

Welcome hōm, or at least the Domicile version according to plans filed with the city for a 12-storey building fronted by 6 townhouses:

After a slooow start out of the gate with One Three One, it seems that Domicile is taking no chances on their third instalment in Little Italy slash Dow's Lake: the project's tagline is "Nice Place, Nice Price" and a slew of activities has been scheduled for what's being billed as hom's "Launch Week".

First off is a sneak preview and group hug with realtors next week, followed the week thereafter by a first time homebuying seminar, a feelgood session about
hom's LEED certification, a meet-and-greet with Domicile's executive team and then the actual launch itself, broken up over 2 days, and set to feature not one but two models. Saturday, March 5 is slated for the initial sales of "hōmSuites" on levels 2 through 10, with a separate launch on Sunday, March 6 for the "Penthōms" on levels 11 and 12. No word on the how and where to reserve a townhouse although I'd be surprised if this "nice price" rings in at less than $600K.

Those interested in taking part of the launch can register by visiting their website at http://domicile.ca/hom