Food for thought...

"The problem is Ottawa is generally a pretty suburban city in terms of its value system, its attitudes and everything else, with some exceptions like the Glebe and the Byward Market.

It's a nice city. I like it. But the issue there is… people seem to like to have the big suburban house and have the direct bus service right to downtown and no stops in between.

I happen to think that in terms of the future growth of Ottawa, about two-thirds should be concentrated inside the Greenbelt and about one-third outside. There's tons of opportunities to redevelop. Think about Carling Avenue, for example. There are great opportunities to urbanize, to have mixed-use, make the city healthier and more vibrant, have transit, housing for all age groups… As far as I know, the direction has been the reverse; two-thirds outside the Greenbelt, maybe one-third in."

—Paul Bedford
Former chief city planner, City of Toronto
and a member of the NCC Planning Advisory Committee